Dichroic Jewellery, sometimes known as fused glass jewelry is made from Dichroic Glass. This material is used by many popular artists today who often create charm jewellery with this increasingly popular material.

Dichroic glass was develped for the aerospace industry but was soon discovered by artisans around the world due to it's brilliance and beauty. It can now be found at many jewelry stores online including right here at Sugar and Spice glass.

Dichroic glass jewelry owes it's wonderful brilliance of color to the ultra thin layers of various metal oxides used in it's manufacture. Gold, silver, titanium and several other precious metals are vaporized by an electron beam. This vaporization occurs within the confines of a vacuum. The vapor is then condensed onto the surface of glass and forms a crystal structure. Sometimes this process is followed by the application of a layer of quartz crystal to protect the precious metals. A finished piece of Dichroic glass can have as many as 25 to 50 layers of materials yet the thickness of all the layers together is still measured in the millionths of an inch.

The brilliance and beauty of dichroic glass is something that one must experience for oneself. The depth of the color of the glass and the interplay between the various layers when reflecting light, makes it quite beautiful.

dichroic glass jewelry has recently become very popular. You will be able to find a wide range of prices and qualities available.

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